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 by Dr. Panagopoulos. 

Dr. Panagopoulos uses the principles and concepts offunctional medicine along with nutrition, herbs and lifestyle changes to address common female hormonal imbalances found in conditions such asmenopause PMS, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, menorrhagia, female infertility, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, lichen sclerosis, thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar dysregulation, and weight loss.

If you are seeking a local natural holistic alternative doctor in Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 then look no further. Dr. Panagopoulos is located in Rolling Meadows and provides the best option for patients in Rolling Meadows seeking to implement alternative treatment methods for their hormone imbalances.

Dr. Panagopouloshas created protocols that give patients the opportunity to take control of their own unique health needs through the science and protocols of functional medicine.

Rolling Meadows local alternative medicine Specialist Doctor 60008


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Herbal Hormonal Health

 5005 Newport Drive,

 Suite 204

 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008